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<Huk Huk I'm a Talbuk> was formed at the start of Cataclysm after the demise of our current guild. We formed as <Naga Please> on Bladefist. Unfortunately due to altercations with GM's we were forced to change our name.

Due to the death of Bladefist, we migrated to Ravencrest at the start of 4.3, where we have raided ever since.

We are a vibrant late evening 10 man guild, social and active. We run multiple runs a week, as well as partake in other games like poker and diablo.

Our raiding times during progress are any 4 days sunday-thursday, 2200-0100

Our raiding times during farm are Wednesdays 2230-0030, and our 2nd run on Thursdays 2230-0130.

God: Óggy
Bitch Masters: Asleif, Drulentless
Guild Bitches: Cikra, Thynos, Fainted
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