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Sophe is on TV Come dine with me

Hey old guildies.Thought i'd post this up, I was on Come dine with me in the UK last week.It makes us out to be quite pretentious but that's how the show wanted us to appear hah.It's on 4od now.
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Sophe0375Member avatar small Sophe 3y
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Oggy Reference in WoW Quest !! saw it??
Member avatar small Samuraj 5y
Samuraj4573Small Isoleucine 5y
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Show your face!

Virginity on left Samuraj on right
Member avatar small Samuraj 5y
Samuraj4524Small Dru 5y
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AFK Thread

Hey guys, sorry been an inactive mother Tukker recently. Had end of year coursework and what not. Now I'm on a job hunt till Uni in September so might be abit MIA. Just a heads up :)
Small Skook 5y
Skook1265Small Skook 5y
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Show your PC setup!

Small Dèmi 6y
Dèmi7697Small Skook 5y
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The 'introduce yourself' thread

So most of you reading this might be like LuL what? Who's this guy telling us to introduce ourselves...Well for the sake of people like myself (new to the guild) I thought it might be a good idea, so here it goes! I'm Glen aka Skook, a relatively ...
Small Skook 6y
Skook5541Small Dèmi 6y
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Omg so good :onn!
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Who posted this kimo application?

own up please or face a demote. its not cool. (and only a lil bit funny)
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oggy5466Small Patty 6y
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This saturday in Baku the finals of the European Music Contest will take place.Like every year UK enters with a sweet, but boring song that might only win because of the name of the artist, last year it was washed up boyband BLUE - this year sweet...
Small Isoleucine 6y
Isoleucine3351Small oggy 6y
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