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[Pinned] Application Template

Guidelines Please keep this template while filling out your application. You do not have to follow this template if you prefer to be creative, but please cover all the major topics or risk rejection.1. State for topic title: Character Name, Spec C...
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Dragons Prophet

Hey guys,I’m a community representative at Infernum Productions, working on the MMORPG Dragon’s Prophet. Have you heard of Dragon’s Prophet or had a chance to play it yet?We are looking for guilds who want to experience our latest guild Citadel sy...
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Tank Application

I whispered your GM in game if you were looking for tanks for 5.4 roster preparations, but I was declined without a trial or chance to discuss. I just thought I would drop a line here on your website (if anyone still reads this!) in case you chan...
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Jaderz Retribution Paladin

A. Basic InformationName? Magnus JAge? Gender? Occupation?21 y/o male. Education as IT-support, working 37hours a weekTell us a little about yourself.Whenever im not working, im playing WoW doing the exhaustion dailies or leveling a new character ...
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A. Basic InformationName?Age? Gender? Occupation?22 year old, unemployed, male Tell us a little about yourself.When im not playing wow i take a moment to hang out with my girlfriend which i also lives with in southern Sweden, during weekends i als...
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Blood death knight/ brewmaster

Name?KayodeAge?23 Gender?Male Occupation?EmployedTell us a little about yourself.I´m 23 years old currently working as an assistant to get a working experience in chemical engineering before i start studying again as from next year august. I like ...
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Renadina, Protection, Paladin

A. Basic InformationName?Martin.Age? Gender? Occupation?18, male, working atm.Tell us a little about yourself.In my spare time i hang out with friends, enjoy a good party or i play WoW, most of the time i play WoW. While i play WoW i like to raid,...
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Application for Huk Huk ;)

A. Basic InformationMy name is Benjamin Wiellersen.- Just got 18 years old.- I'm a male - Going in 2nd year at school, very interesting in sports (Basketball, Football, Running and lots more). Besides that I like playing "World of Warcraft", and I...
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Sötfarmor Death Knight Frost

A. Basic InformationName? AntonAge? Gender? Occupation?Im 17 and study in High School.Tell us a little about yourself.I'm a ''Typical'' teenage boy how likes being with friends and play WoW.B. System InformationWhat are your system specs?i7 2600kG...
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Restoration Shaman

A. Basic InformationName: Jake ChambersAge: 21Gender: MaleOccupation: Nurse (let the trolling begin)Tell us a little about yourself.Yo, my name is Jake, I am 21, and yes I am a male nurse, let the trolling commence, and I am a passionate dedicated...
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Application removed.

Hey after 12days i've heard no responce, so im guessing its a decline, thanks for the time. Going to remove my application, unless i hear otherwise.ThanksAuraliea
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Auraliea Feral tank ( Druid )

Basic Information-Luke Francis-15 Male Student-Hey, I'm a student in my last year of school, i enjoy football, music, World of Warcraft & various other activities.System Information- Intel Core i7 2670QM 2.2GHz- 750GB HDD + 6GB RAM- No DC prob...
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[Declined] Resto druid application

A. Basic InformationName: Simon Pauly Kofoed JensenAge: 17 Gender: Male Occupation: High SchoolTell us a little about yourself: Well i'm a 17 year old kid, who is gaming everyday and i've been a raider for about a year now. My parents are devorced...
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[Withdrawn] Missmendy, Fire Mage

A. Basic InformationName? ZoeAge? Gender? Occupation?26, Female, NadaTell us a little about yourself.Eesh! Been playing since very late wrath, and I play *a lot*, mostly only PvE (PvP is frustrating!). Not working, not planning to start either, so...
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[On Hold]Retribution Paladin.

A. Basic Information AdrianAge 23. Male. Former electrician, actual diablo 3 RMAH abuser!B. System InformationWhat are your system specs? Intel i5. 1024 VRAM @ 128 bit. 4GB ram.Do you have any objections to speaking on vent when needed? No.Any dis...
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[Accepted] Dèmi, Fire Mage

Basic InformationName: LucAge: 24Gender: MaleLocation: Maastricht, The NetherlandsOccupation: School (Commercial Managemant Bachelor) / Work (scholarshiplol)check this post for more (mostly bullshit) info about me.System InformationProcessor: Inte...
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[Declined] Warlock Destro/Demo

Kimo me Warlock Destro or Demo 2. Want a private application? PM your application to Oggy or Asleif on our forums.3. Follow the template and answer it completely and truthfully. Do not do it haphazardly.4. Proofread. A well-written application goe...
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[Declined] Hunter dps

Name: FreddyAge: 21 Gender: MaleTell us a little about yourself. I am Freddy i am a normal guy from sweden, atm i am working on a company thats makes cans:). when i am not working i am spending alot of time on wow and heroes of newerth. I was play...
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[Declined] Feral dps/tank & spriest

A. Basic InformationName: WillAge:37 Gender:Male Tell us a little about yourself.B. System InformationWhat are your system specs? Do you have any objections to speaking on vent when needed? Nope.Any disconnection problem at all? None.Average Laten...
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[Accepted] Feral Tank / Dps

A. Basic InformationName? Shane PraterAge? 17, 18 next January Gender? MaleOccupation? Student studying ICT Diploma Level 3 (Second Year)Tell us a little about yourself:I'm Shane as i said above, but alot of friends call me Shandem, I am currently...
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