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Good Job Raid2!

oggy / Jun 05, 2012
Gz to our second raid team for clearing 8/8 easily this week, including a first madness hc kill for many of the raiders.

A quick recap of our 2nd raid teams journey to 8/8 over the last 2 weeks.

We started last lockout, easily clearing 6/8 with a few laughs along the way. Thankfully our g2 tank isn't like Gustav in raid1, and doesn't single-handedly wipe us on warlord each week :D Everything went uneventful until spine, when we quickly realised our blood tank wasn't properly equipped for the bloods. So we proceeded to do it talbuk style, 1 shotting the first tendon and ending up with around 15-20 bloods alive when it died :) Dru and me healing like a boss and doter flawless on dispels. Cikra owning akasha on tendons with less gear (cuz shes a girl so bayud!)

ps. in the first week we had a 15 min break between each try as we waited for shitnyll to cast might on us.

Madness was again fun, we used a slightly different strategy than usual. Having sent our warrior back to his dps spec and getting a 2nd strongbear we set about 2 healing the boss with disc+holy, and just burning everything fast. result = kill! - Even though our dps don't know how to stop dmg on 91% !!!!!

Mount for Letva. Healing mace for Jutonheim :)

Thanks to all who helped from raid1 over the past 2 weeks: fainted, asschief, drulentless (even tho his hunter got boosted!), letva, and revamp. Wouldn't have happened without you guys, and the noobs rly appreciate it I'm sure :)

also special thanks ofc to cikra and thynos, playing their main alts and owning it up there!


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